Outreach: 'Canes on 'Canes

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The Rosenstiel School's 'Canes on 'Canes outreach program was founded in 2014 and is comprised of knowledgeable and enthusiastic graduate and undergraduate students. We have developed a series of presentations to help educate the public about the science of hurricanes and hurricane preparedness. The content is informative, thorough, and can be tuned to a specific audience and length.

We want to talk to you!

If you know of a school, community, organization, or event in southeast Florida where a presentation or appearance would be beneficial, let us know and we will make the arrangements. In south Florida, anytime is a good time to learn more about hurricanes! We can deliver "virtual" presentations as well.

Hurricanes 101: What to do before, during, and after the storm
Hurricanes 101, Page 1 Hurricanes 101, Page 2



The 2023 "Canes on Canes" Team:

Brian McNoldy, Quinton Lawton, Lev Looney, Alexis Wilson, Aidan Mahoney, Sam Nebylitsa, Will Downs [Missing from photo: Karen Papazian, Kerri Englert]

The 2018 "Canes on Canes" Team:

2018 team photo

Kurt Hansen, Ryder Fox, Rebecca Evans, Josh Wadler, Marybeth Arcodia, Philippe Miron, James Hlywiak, Tyler Fenske, Brian McNoldy [Missing from photo: Jimmy Yunge]

 The 2017 "Canes on Canes" Team: 

2017 Canes on Canes team photo

Pete Finocchio, Brian McNoldy, Josh Wadler, Kurt Hansen, James Hlywiak, Rebecca Evans, Marybeth Arcodia

The Original 2014 "Canes on Canes" Team:

2014 Canes on Canes team photo
Brian McNoldy, Falko Judt, Kieran Bhatia, Jason Godwin, Matt Onderlinde